A kick of freshness for your home

Finding the inner balance

Since I now spend much more time at home, I have started to meditate more. But I would still call myself a beginner. Be it that I usually don’t manage more than 15 minutes in a row and also need a guided meditation practice, so that my “funky brain” doesn’t constantly buzz off and doesn’t always do this so constantly every day… but hey, it’s a work in progress!

It helps if I first spray some of the room spray Amethyst in the room and breathe in deeply for a few seconds and let the essential oils work on me. 

Eucalyptus and peppermint help clear the mind and the sandalwood is grounded for meditation.

The room sprays Crystal Blossom are available in four fragrance mixtures 

Each fragrance consists of a mixture of different essential oils to enhance or support different moods, as known from aromatherapy. 

In addition, each bottle comes with matching crystal stones that can either be left on the outside of the bottle, or if you want to energize the fragrance oils directly, you can put the stones directly into the bottle. 

  • Amethyst stands for balance, mindfulness and inner peace. Its fresh scent of mint and eucalyptus gives you inner clarity and freshness.
  • Rose quartz stands for love and the soul of creativity. It smells of wild rose with a slightly lemony freshness. Perfect for the beginning of summer.  
  • Calm down is your dream companion. Spray the fragrance generously on your pillow before going to bed. Lavender, Swiss stone pine, tangerine and white fir bring relaxation and recovery.
  • Smoky quartz stands for strength, courage and clear determination. The fragrance is woody, earthy and mystical at the same time. Sandalwood, myrrh, patchouli and Peru balsam are contained in this unique blend. 

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