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The shipping costs per package are for deliveries within Switzerland and the Principality of Lichtenstein with Economy CHF 7 or Priority CHF 9. Orders from Switzerland over CHF 100 are sent free of charge. Shipping costs to the EU are a flat rate of CHF 16 and are shipped with the Swiss Post International Economy. For deliveries abroad, customs fees may also be added. We send shipping costs to the EU from CHF 150 free of charge.

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So that candles burn regularly, it is important to let them burn for a long time. Basic rule, the more diameter a candle has, the longer it should burn. For the small metal cans, a minimum burning time of one hour is ideal. With the candles in the glass at least 2 hours. This is particularly important when lighting for the first time.

Because it just looks beautiful and I wanted to give you the power of the crystal stones especially for you! The stone has no technical function for the candle, it is a design element and gives the candle its very own style. The stones are usually poured 2-3cm into the wax. DH the stone will submerge in the liquid wax over time and will appear in the bottom of the glass again (provided it has not been removed beforehand).

Basically nothing. This stone has been formed in a rocky rift for thousands of years. A little heat and candle wax can’t harm him. The larger the stones are, the more we recommend that as soon as the stone can be removed from the soft wax at the beginning, remove it. Depending on the size of the stone, this can cause the wick to skew. Then the burn may not be clean. Simply wash the stone under warm water and place it next to the candle. So it can still have its effect.

Wicks that are thicker tend to fray. This is more common with large candles. It is important that the wick is scissored to max. Cut down 3mm. If the wicks burn too long, these “mushrooms” that cause soot quickly become burnt.

Wooden wicks can be handled in exactly the same way as cotton wicks. The nice thing about wooden wick is that it crackles quietly when it burns and conjures up a nice chimney fire feeling in the glass / can. Always hold the candle crosswise when lighting and light the wooden wick over its entire length. To keep the crackle beautiful, simply remove the black charred piece of the wooden wick with scissors the next time you light it. Then ignite again as normal.

Vegetable wax candles are ready to use. The wax is much softer and no longer lasts due to an aging, hardening process. Since vegetable wax has a lower melting point, it burns more slowly due to less heat development than conventional paraffin candles.

Clean them and you can put the glass in the old glass collection. Or keep them as a variety of storage options. Or send us 5 pieces back and you will receive a shopping voucher worth CHF 15 as a thank you.

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