The scent of my homeland and how it all began

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“Mountain sun, alp in the moonlight, flower valley”…

My candles and fragrance creations tell stories from my childhood in the mountains.

I was able to experience so much freedom and lightheartedness as a child in Mürren, in this picturesque mountain village, where the clocks went slower than down in the valley. The mountain massif in front of my window and the most beautiful flower meadow behind the house, I could move there for hours alone around the houses and tie small bouquets of flowers, which I gave away afterwards in the village to tourists.

No wonder that everyday life in a corporate job later became too monotonous for me and I chose the path to creative independence. In order to clear my head for new ideas, I made a pilgrimage along the Saint James’ Way in Switzerland from Konstanz to Brünig for a few weeks after my resignation. In my travel diaries from this time, the name “Girl from the Mountain” appears for the first time, which I later chose as the name for my label.

The year 2016 was marked by the magic of the beginning: contact commodity traders, create my first own fragrance mixtures and pour them into wax myself… Lots of “learning by doing” in no time. The Bern Advent Bazaar 2016 was the premiere of “Girl from the Mountain”. Here I sold my own creations for the first time and eagerly received the reactions of my customers. What has happened since then in five years, you can soon read in the second part of my “Girl from the Mountain” story (to be continued)!

The candles Bergsonne, Alp im Mondschein and Blumental can all be found in my“Alpine Spirit Collection”. By the way, the “Blumental” really exists in my homeland. The idyllic valley is located below Mürren and is especially worth a visit in spring!

girl from the mountain
Scented Candles Workshop
Scented Candles Workshop
girl from the mountain

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