A kick of freshness for your home

Finding the inner balance Since I now spend much more time at home, I have started to meditate more. But I would still call myself a beginner. Be it that I usually don’t manage more than 15 minutes in a row and also need a guided meditation practice, so that my “funky brain” doesn’t constantly buzz […]

The new candle collection sparkles in many colors

Amethyst candle switzerland

The Crystal Blossom Collection is dedicated to the different crystal stones. For all crystal lovers! We have developed a new line dedicated to the individual properties of the stones.Amethyst – a fresh, clarifying fragrance that supports you in meditation or in tasks that require your focus. The candle comes with an amethyst gland tip and […]

A midsummer night’s dream from the candle studio


For the beautiful summer evening until late in the evening, our summer candles are the ideal companion on every garden table. An anti-mosquito candle that is also an absolute eye-catcher. The Summer Nights scented candles are available in 3 sizes: Travel candle in the metal can.The small souvenir and constant camping companion. Duftkerze im Glas […]