The new candle collection sparkles in many colors

Amethyst candle switzerland

The Crystal Blossom Collection is dedicated to the different crystal stones.

For all crystal lovers! We have developed a new line dedicated to the individual properties of the stones.
Amethyst – a fresh, clarifying fragrance that supports you in meditation or in tasks that require your focus. The candle comes with an amethyst gland tip and lavender flowers.
Smoky Quartz – the oriental fragrance is mystical, dark and enveloping. The smoky quartz is an ideal companion on cold full moon nights. The candle has a smoky quartz tip and is decorated with Edelweiss flowers.
Mountain Crystal – the fresh, lush spring meadow is embodied in this fragrance. In addition to a beautiful rock crystal tip, the candle also has marigold flowers.
Rose Quartz – the fragrance awakening for sensual, romantic evenings. The candle has rose quartz pieces and pink rose petals.

Link: Crystal Blossom Collection

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