Mürren Vintage Collection – Fragrances remind us of history, over and over again

Every single fragrance tells a story

The Mürren Vintage Collection was largely inspired by two books that revolve around the history of my home village of Mürren.

“I think books are like people, in the sense that they’ll turn up in your life when you most need them.” – Emma Thompson

I love good stories, history and I’m a vintage lover. I’m particularly fond of the Belle Époque, so it was only natural that when I first held the book “KRONLEUCHTER VOR DER JUNGFRAU – Mürren eine Tourismusgeschichte” in my hands, it really sparked my imagination for this era with its matching fragrance compositions.

Buch über Tourismusgeschichte Mürren

Three fragrances were created using old photographs from this book.

Grand hotel

The Grand Hotel shines in all its splendour and is enthroned on the hill. Homage to the noble grandeur of the Alpine hotel industry at the turn of the century. The dining room is set for dinner and decorated with flowers.

An elegant, fine fragrance with green apple accords, white flowers and noble, light-coloured woods.

Fragrance profile: green apple, pine, rose, sandalwood, guaiac wood and vanilla.

Silberhorn 1858

It smells like a room in a guesthouse, the window wide open with a view over the countryside.

The first guest house was opened in Mürren in 1858 It is the first milestone for winter tourism in Mürren. It is rustic and functional, but the view is simply marvellous. A fresh, floral fragrance with a retro touch.

Fragrance profile: lime blossom, rosewood, cedarwood, lily, bergamot, patchouli, oakmoss.

salon bleu duftkerze vintage g
Salon Bleu

The Hotel Des Alpes was one of the large hotels in Mürren, which was frequented by the well-heeled English. The Salon bleu was a popular meeting place in the afternoon for chatting over a good cup of tea.

Fine English society has brought exquisite teas, pastries and exquisite perfumes to Mürren. Smells of earl grey tea, open fire, biscuits and pipe tobacco.

Fragrance profile: bergamot, lemon, iris, lavender, vanilla, white musk, amber, saffron and guaiac wood.

who is walter?

The second book I read at the time I started creating the Girl from the Mountain scented candles was DIE ANFÄNGE ALPINEN DES SKI-RENNSPORTS by Max D. Amstutz. I didn’t know until then that the first FIS downhill and slalom championships were held in Mürren in 1931 and that personalities from Mürren and the Kandahar Ski Club were instrumental in the official introduction of alpine skiing as an FIS discipline. Of course, there is also a certain amount of pride in one’s homeland.

When I first leafed through the book, however, I got stuck on a picture that stuck with me and immediately gave me the fourth fragrance idea for a sexy, masculine scent. Oh, yes, there he was with his daredevil coolness like a dude from the 20s or 30s could only be: Walter Amstutz!


The young ski pioneers from England together with the wild boys from Mürren. Skiing had its beginnings and many an adventurous skier whizzed down the mountain around the first slalom poles.

Sophisticated and adventurous at the same time. Even off the slopes they had fun…

A masculine, tart scent of whisky, wood, herbs and tobacco.

Fragrance profile:Malt whisky, black pepper, pine, saffron, cedarwood, patchouli, rum

Duftkerzen Girl from the Mountain

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The entire Mürren Vintage Collection can be found here.


Kronleuchter vor der Jungfrau from Patrick Feuz, Sarah Nowotny, Roland Flückiger-Seiler. Only in German.

Die Anfänge des alpinen Skirennsports von Max D. Amstutz (only in German)

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