Luminosity for late summer

The holiday season is over and we have already arrived in late summer. The perfect time to let the powerful bright colors of summer really affect us again. A fragrant plant that can hardly be surpassed in luminosity and is already in a good mood when you look at it is the fiery orange marigold (also calendula).

Thanks to their wide range of uses, we can conjure up orange splashes of color in everyday life. Orange is considered to increase creativity and promotes joie de vivre – with the mountain crystal scented candle you can bring this color power home and dream of the next summer holiday (or weekend trip)!

I embellished the Mountain Crystal candle with orange accents of the dried marigold flowers. The flowers also come into their own in herbal tea mixtures, where they have an antispasmodic and digestive effect.

DIY tip for colorful desserts:

Calendula sugar is a real insider tip to bring solar power into the world of desserts. For 500 g of sugar you need about 30-40 marigold flowers for a strong orange coloring. The flowers are mixed in portions with the sugar, laid out on a baking tray and dried at 40° C. The sugar can be used to dye scrambled cakes, for colored frosting, or as a decoration for cocktail glass edges.

Creativity and joie de vivre from the garden for the kitchen!

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