The Rose


Sensual help

The queen among the plants instantly takes your senses into flowering landscapes and has that certain something in every respect to drive away a dull mood! Here are a few ideas from the repertoire of the plant queen:

Rose Essential Oil: Already in ancient Egypt, rose petals were distilled to produce the precious fragrance essence. Rose oil is considered harmonizing, relaxing and heart-opening and is mainly associated with the heart chakra due to these properties in yoga and aromatherapy. Just a few drops rubbed in the palms of your hands trigger a feeling of well-being and conjure up a smile on your face. Pay attention to the compatibility when buying on a natural, organic product.

Colour and fragrance in a double pack: An organic fragrance essence can also be placed in the water of a large bowl decorated with rose petals. With this change from the classic flower vase, you can bring a wonderful combination of rose scent and bright flower colors into your rooms!

The room spray Rose   quartzcreated by me fits perfectly. The scent of the sensual wild rose is combined here with a hint of fruity-fresh lemon. Perfect for making your inner sun shine!

In addition, a recipe idea with rose, which I like to serve the visit.

Rose petal lemonade: A summer without guests and long evenings together, that’s simply not possible. A rose petal lemonade makes the heart beat faster in any case, attracts the guests even in bad weather and makes on top of that already during the preparation joy:

1 organic lemon
350 g sugar
5 pink organic rose petals
Soda for refilling
Ice cube
Organic rose petals for garnizing

From lemon, sugar and rose petals, a syrup is first made. For this, the lemon is cut into slices and boiled together with the sugar in 500ml of water. Then allow to cool and place about 5 pink rose petals in the cold syrup and cover. Leave on in a cool and dark place for at least 5 days – this is the best way to unfold colour and fragrance! The syrup is then poured through a sieve, bottled and chilled. To serve, 1-2 cl of syrup is filled with soda water, ice cubes are added as desired and of course garnished with rose petals at the end.


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