Girl from the Mountain Story Part II

girl from the mountain

When I look back on five years of “Girl from the Mountain” today, I am amazed at what has happened during this time. Of course, I’m often asked about my recipe for success, but my best recipe is basically simple: Just DO it!

From the very beginning, it was my customers who showed me my talent and encouraged me to stay tuned. I always found my candle products and the story about them quite pretty, but I didn’t expect so many people to enjoy foremost my fragrance creations and become loyal regular customers. The positive feedback surprised me and at the same time incredibly inspired me!

When I started pouring the first candles in my parents’ basement at the end of 2016 and creating fragrance mixtures myself, I had doubts about whether my ideas would survive the reality test. Luckily, I’m good at encouraging myself! Did you know that Apple and Harley Davidson also had their first location in an old woodshed? So just getting started is always the best option!

With the Swiss Design Market in Bern in 2017, I won the first major store as a customer for my products. In the same year, my mobile phone rang one day and a journalist from the Berner Zeitung wanted to publish an article about “Girl from the Mountain”. She had bought one of my candles at the Swiss Design Market and was so enthusiastic about it that my story was worth a whole page in the Berner Zeitung. Wow! I am still amazed by this today…

After the 2019 Christmas season, my business had grown so much that I desperately needed support. Since I have always wanted to promote social projects with my work, I was looking for a suitable solution, which I finally found in cooperation with the women’s prison in Hindelbank (near Burgdorf). Since September 2020, the candles for “Girl from the Mountain” have been cast there and online shipping is now in the hands of women too.

You can now find my products in many smaller boutiques, floristry and souvenir shops and the Changemaker stores throughout Switzerland. Especially the scented candlesSnow” and “Walter” have now become favorites in the winter time, which I am asked about again and again.

From time to time, of course, I can also be found at trade fairs and markets and always look forward to personal encounters with all my customers! You can find where I am next under “Events”.

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