Julian Alps in Slovenia

Discovering the Julian Alps: a paradise in Slovenia

Arrival in paradise at Lake Bohinj

I landed in picturesque Slovenia with anticipation and a good dose of curiosity and headed straight to my accommodation for the next few days – the charming Hotel Bohinj in Ribčev Laz. I was able to immerse myself in this magical region for three days. Various culinary and health experiences in the beautiful natural surroundings awaited me.

The first evening exceeded all expectations: A warm welcome, a delicious dinner in the hotel garden, surrounded by a cosy fire. The chef spoilt us with a herbal menu, accompanied by exquisite Slovenian wines. This is where our journey into the culinary delights and hospitality of this region began.

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Breathtaking nature experiences

The next day took us onto the emerald green lake on a historic boat that chugged leisurely across the calm water. After an enjoyable breakfast, we headed to the Vogel Ski Resort cable car. The view of the Julian Alps from the top was breathtaking. The nature around Lake Bohinj impressed us with its unspoilt beauty, while Slovenia’s water enchanted us with its purity.

The highlight of the afternoon was a breathwork session and forest bathing on the Pokljuka plateau. The benefits of forest bathing were palpable – a profound connection to nature that revitalised body and soul in equal measure. Forest bathing is a form of natural wellness that can be enjoyed relatively quickly and at little cost. Studies have shown that trees secrete phytoncides, plant substances that have an antibiotic effect and a positive impact on our immune system and mental health. A study in Kranjska Gora has shown that after 2 forest therapy sessions, the stress index (cortisol level) can already be reduced by 7%, while DHEA is reduced by up to 26%. Slovenia is a pioneering destination in Europe when it comes to forest bathing programmes and research. There are already 20 certified forest therapy service providers throughout the country and the region around Kranjska Gora in particular is well known for its healing forests.

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Pleasure for all the senses

The days were marked by culinary highlights, as the hotel served us exquisite menus inspired by local specialities from forests and lakes. The gastronomic journey was complemented by yoga classes, during which we soaked up the pure Alpine air, and a fascinating lecture on Arnold Rikli, a Swiss pioneer of naturopathy who settled in the area in the 19th century to offer his naked sun cures, which were controversial at the time.

His therapy included sun and air baths as well as a lifestyle close to nature, fresh air and cool water – a tradition that is still practised today.

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Lake Bohinj Slovenia

Chocolate dreams in Radovljica

On the third day before we travelled back to Ljubljana, we discovered the small town of Radovljica, where we immersed ourselves in the tempting world of cocoa and chocolate. A sensory and ritual experience awaited us at a cocoa ceremony. The flavours, texture and history of cocoa were revealed to us in a magical ritual.

I end my journey through Slovenia with a bittersweet farewell to Radovljica. The Julian Alps have captured my heart – with their unspoilt nature and clear water. A true paradise for nature lovers who appreciate unspoilt landscapes, culinary delights and a rich history.

We particularly recommend the Hotel Bohinj, which is not only a refuge of comfort, but also a gateway to the treasures of the Slovenian Alps. This trip was not just beautiful, it was simply magical.

An adventure that I warmly recommend to every nature and pleasure lover.

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