twelve nights of christmas

“Rauhnacht” magic for the home

Now we have arrived again in the middle of the dark season. For me, of course, the best time of the year, because what could be better than cozy moments with candlelight at home!?

Anticipation is known to be the most beautiful and that’s why I invite you with this blog post to get in the mood for the magical time of the Rauhnächte. These special twelve nights, whose custom dates back to pre-Christian times, begin, depending on tradition, on the 21st (winter solstice) or 24.12. and end the night before Epiphany.

On these nights, our ancestors believed, the gates to the invisible world are particularly wide open. The Rough Nights were a sacred transitional period between the years, stories were told, oracles, house and yard were smoked and the surroundings were closely observed in order to get in the best possible mood for the New Year.

Even today, the Rauhnächte are a wonderful opportunity to find silence in us, to take stock and to give space to our dreams and wishes for the New Year.

I have created a whole Rauhnachtsset for you this year as a special! The scented candle with stones and flowers has a fragrance specially created for the time of the Sacred Nights and the incense mixture is ideal for cleaning your rooms. The matching illustrated Rauhnacht notebook helps you to record your dreams, experiences and insights during this time.

I am already looking forward to the beautiful atmosphere and wish you a lot of warmth and light for the Christmas season!

The scented candle with stones and flowers has a scent specially mixed for this time. 100% Eco Soy Wax, 200g, 30 hours burning time.

The smoking mixture is perfect for the cleaning of your rooms during these days.

An important component for the incense during this time.

The notebook supports you in recording your thoughts during the daily Rauhnacht ritual. Cover: Exclusive illustration “wild woman in the woods” by the artist Rachel Galbiati (Brunnen, Schwyz) 128 pages. Blank.

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